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People with No-Claims Certificate in Dubai

The numbers below represent a sample of the population who quoted their car insurance online in Dubai. We have analyzed this sample and found out that 44.2% do have a proof of claims certificate, but 55.5% have no certificate despite being claim-free.

*The data are extracted solely from Aqeed
*The data represent a sample of the population in Dubai


A No-Claims Certificate proves you have been claim-free for a specified period. The proof has its perks: A No-Claims Discount on your premium at every policy renewal. The reduction accumulates every year if you continue to be claim-free.



Make sure to ask your previous insurance company to give you your No-Claims Certificate and enjoy the same coverage for a lower premium by purchasing your car insurance online. Get a Free Quote in less than 2 minutes!

The top 5 cars quoted online in Dubai

The graph beneath uncovers the 5 most online vehicle insurance quoted in Dubai. The prize car is Nissan Altima, a vehicle that meets many of the requirements that midsize car buyers look for. The Nissan Sunny takes the 5th spot; a favorite in the Sedan section in Dubai. The world leading automobile maker Honda wins 2 positions with the Accord and Civic.

*The data are extracted solely from Aqeed
*The data represent a sample of the population in Dubai


Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE, driving without one may lead to substantial sanctions.



Benefit from potential savings when comparing and buying your car insurance online in Dubai. Compare policies with different prices and pick the one that fits your vehicle best. Get a Free Quote in less than 2 minutes!

Introduction to Insurance

Why do you need car insurance in Dubai?

Car insurance in Dubai is necessary for anyone who wishes to own, or operate, a vehicle; in fact it is legal requirement.  Having auto insurance will also protect you financially if you or your vehicle is involved in an accident.  Even for those with tight budgets, the minimum coverage available is third-party insurance, which covers the costs of repair for the other person in the accident.  Dubai car insurance will also offer options that can help in unforeseen circumstances that can be all too dire, for instance: an accident that occurs a great distance from your work or home, site to location car towing and even much needed assistance if your breakdown occurs at the worst possible moment in an extremely busy day.  Through an online search for auto insurance quotes in Dubai, you can quickly compare car insurance quotes from a range of different insurance providers and discover which options might provide the cheapest car insurance solution for you. This allows you to choose the type of coverage that suits your specific vehicle and budget requirements.  You can also determine which motor insurance companies in Dubai offer comprehensive insurance cover in order to get greater coverage advantages for any loss or damage. 

What are the benefits of buying car insurance online in Dubai?

In the past, you might have found the whole car insurance process to be complex and rife with ambiguous opinions and policy details; you might have wished the whole thing could be clearer and more transparent.  Well, now it is.  The new advances in technology have significantly enhanced the quality of car insurance in Dubai.  Through digital car insurance agents, like us, you can browse a wide range of insurance companies in Dubai in one, easy-to-use platform.  This way, you can explore a variety of options instantaneously and compare car insurance quotes to find the one that best suits your car and budget.  By using a comparison site you can see which Dubai national insurance companies provide the best coverage, including in the areas that you are particularly interested in, such as personal accident, personal injury, 24 hour roadside assistance and party liability.  With the ability to compare car insurance online, you can now decide to select the cheaper car insurance option that comes in the form of third-party coverage or choose comprehensive insurance which, whilst set at a higher rate, offers more convenience and more extensive coverage.  Car insurance in Dubai is no longer set in the Dark Ages, it has entered a new era of openness and efficiency, which means you can enjoy a smooth, fast process that offers: a choice of payment options, including cashless, digital document upload, easy to understand repair coverage details, a user-friendly platform, no matter your understanding and even live chat for when you are really stuck!

What are the types of car insurance we offer in Dubai?

If you are looking for car insurance companies in Dubai, we offer two different options that can cover all of your requirements, no matter what you are looking for.  They are:

The first is third-party insurance, which every driver in Dubai needs to have law.  This type will only protect the other person or other property damaged in the accident and won’t cover repairs to your own vehicle.  You can browse all of the car insurance companies in Dubai for this, the cheapest car insurance type available.

The more expensive auto insurance option is comprehensive policy insurance.  Despite the higher price tag, this type offers extensive coverage benefits, including man-made and natural disasters, which could make all the difference to you financial in the case of an accident.  In this instance, your vehicle and person is protected in the case of an accident, as well as damages to any third-party involved.

What are the documents needed to have car insurance in Dubai?

Insurance companies in Dubai will require a variety of documents so they can offer you the best car insurance quotes online. Your specific vehicle or insurance situation will determine the exact records required:


Normal car insurance renewal in Dubai:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car Registration Card

Brand-new Motor Insurance in Dubai:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Showroom Quotation
  • Bank Approval Letter (If bank financed)

Insurance for second hand cars in Dubai:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Owner’s previous Registration Card or Possession Certificate or Transfer Certificate
  • Car Photos
  • Passing Certificate of vehicle check

If Dubai car insurance has expired:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Passing certificate of vehicle check
  • Dated Car Photos
  • A Physical survey, this is a car inspection done by the insurance company and is also needed if the auto insurance has been expired for more than 1 month


Switching from third-party car insurance to comprehensive car insurance in Dubai:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Physical Inspection from the insurance company. In some cases, no physical inspection is needed if car photos and passing certificate are provided.

For comprehensive car insurance in Dubai:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Passing certificate of vehicle check


For agency repair:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration

Proof of no claim certificate. (In the case of third year agency repair, you will need to present your last year’s policy schedule).

What is the process of buying a car insurance in Dubai through Aqeed?

At Aqeed, we want you to have the best experience when it comes to purchasing your car insurance.  Our platform is designed to remove the unnecessary complications and make the whole process as smooth, affordable and transparent as possible.  As your digital insurance agent, we want to make sure that you can properly comprehend every step of your purchase of car insurance in Dubai.

Firstly, in order to begin finding Dubai car insurance, you will need to answer a few questions about your specific vehicle and circumstances.  Once this has been gathered, insurance companies in Dubai will be able to provide you with the most relevant and appropriate quotes. 

Secondly, you will then be able to browse all of the auto insurance quotes in Dubai and compare each of the car insurance quotes and their individual provisions, so you can find the one that suits you, and your budget, the best. When you have found the perfect match, you simply upload the requested documents and add your payment details in order for us to take an authorization of your debit or credit card.

The third stage will involve a review of your submitted documents by our expert insurance agents.  If there are any problems, such as car value mismatch, age issue, tariff mismatch or invalidity of documents, they will pass your records to the relevant Dubai insurance company.

Lastly, Aqeed, will issue your policy and take your payment, but only after your records are approved.

We do recognize that sometimes your circumstances can change and that you might need to change their mind, so we also have a range of options to cancel your auto insurance policy.  They are:

  1. If we have taken an authorization on your card, but we have not issued your policy: we will proceed with a cancellation of the order and void the authorization. You won’t be charged any cancellation fee.
  2. We issued your car insurance policy and debited your card; however, you have not registered the policy with your card: you get a full refund, but certain insurers might charge a small cancellation fee.
  3. Your car insurance policy has been paid for, issued and used for a period: you receive a partial refund, the exact amount depends on the insurer providers. The processing will take 2-3 weeks and any discounts provided will be deducted from the partial refund amount. Please note that the partial refund is only applicable if there was no claims on the policy

Who are our car insurance partners in Dubai?

At Aqeed we only work with the most experienced and professional partners so that you know you are getting options from the best car insurance providers in Dubai.  Here is a little bit about our insurance partners:

Oman Insurance

Oman Insurance Company (PSC) is an A rated service provider that can adeptly fulfill all your car insurance needs.  With a highly professional team to assist you every step of the way, their experience across the whole spectrum of insurance makes them a very sought after partner.  Oman car insurance Dubai is a leader in the field of insurance, across the whole of the Middle East, and with support from international-recognized reinsurers, they are a fine choice for your vehicle. 

Orient Insurance

Part of the Al-Futtaim Group, Orient Insurance Dubai is the absolute expert in car insurance.  With the highest standards in accreditation and certification, you can be confident that your policy will be of the highest quality and meet all of your needs, no matter what accidents might befall you. 

Watania Insurance

If you are looking for an insurance provider that offers something more in-line with your religious beliefs, then you need Watania Insurance Dubai.  Their use of the wakala model, an Islamic financial concept that allows participants to share risk through a collaborative basis, will mean that you can find a reliable solution that you are totally comfortable with.

Union Insurance

Hefty starting capital, expert advice and superb customer service has helped Union Insurance Dubai rise to the top of the market.  With their diverse range of services, comprehensive car insurance background and innovative methods, you can easily find the most attractive, cost-effective car insurance policy for you.

Adamjee Insurance

Originally hailing from Pakistan, and one of the country’s leading general insurance providers, Adamjee Insurance Dubai is now available in the UAE to offer you their unique approach to insurance.  Your motor insurance will be in good hands.

Dubai Insurance

If you are looking for car insurance in Dubai, what could be a better fit than Dubai Insurance.  This insurance provider has one of the most stable backgrounds of any in the market and this type of experience ensures that you get access to the best deals, the lowest risk and the best rewards. 

Al Wathba Insurance

If you are looking for a professional, reliable solution for your car insurance, then you can’t go wrong with Al Wathba Insurance Dubai.  With over two decades of experience in the market, this provider knows exactly how to manage your policy and offer the best deals and the highest levels of customer service, no matter what type of accident you might encounter.

I-Insured Insurance

In order to make sure that your car insurance journey is as smooth as possible, it is essential that you are able to choose a provider like I-Insured Dubai.  With them, you can be guaranteed that the process, and assistance you receive, will be transparent, clear and expertly offered.  What more could you want?

Qatar General Insurance

With Qatar General Insurance Dubai, you can be assured that your car insurance is in the best hands.  Their commitment to innovative concepts, means that you are constantly going to find better and better deals to suit your bespoke requirements.

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