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People with No-Claims Certificate in Sharjah

The graph below is extracted from a sample of people who quoted their car insurance online is sharjah. 52.1% have a No-Claims Certificate for 1,2 or 3 years plus. 47.8% do not possess a No-Claims Certificate despite not submitting any claims for the past year or more.

*The data are extracted solely from Aqeed
*The data represent a sample of the population in Sharjah


Having a No-Claims Certificate is essential, it proves you have been claim-free for a specified period, leading you to a No-Claims Discount on your next car insurance policy renewal. The discount accumulates over time.



Ask your previous insurer in Sharjah to provide you with your No-Claims Certificate and enjoy the same coverage for a little less upon your next policy purchase. Try your next car insurance renewal online and uncover extra advantages. Get a Free Quote in less than 2 minutes!

The top 5 cars quoted online in Sharjah

The graph below analyzes the uppermost cars with online vehicle insurance in Sharjah. The sample shows that the number one car quoted online is the Toyota Yaris, a car that is quite light on its feet. Nissan positions twice with the Sunny and Tiida, whereas the 5th motor with online insurance is a Honda Civic, a robust fuel-efficient engine.

*The data are extracted solely from Aqeed
*The data represent a sample of the population in Sharjah


Don't forget to renew your car insurance before it expires. Driving without it is illegal in Sharjah city and could lead to losing your driving license.



Buy your car insurance online in Sharjah and benefit from advantages: Compare from a large choice of insurance providers, save your preferences on your personalized dashboard, and get automatic renewal notifications before your policy expires. Get a Free Quote in less than 2 minutes!

Introduction to Insurance

Why do you need car insurance in Sharjah?

As with the rest of the UAE, having car insurance in Sharjah is a legal requirement in order to operate a vehicle.  Auto insurance is also an essential way to protect yourself financially if you or your vehicle is involved in an accident or incident.  As a car owner, at an absolute minimum you will need to have third-party insurance, which would allow for the repair of damages incurred by the other person involved in the accident.  But for total peace of mind, you might want to consider that Sharjah car insurance options also offer assistance in the case of incidents or accidents that are particularly unforeseen, such as: an accident that happens far from your home or work, car towing from site to location, assistance when your car breaks down in the middle of a super busy day.  By searching online for auto insurance quotes in Sharjah, you can compare car insurance quotes from several different insurance providers and explore your options when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance.  That way, you can choose the coverage that best suits your vehicle and budget.  You can also browse motor insurance companies in Sharjah to find a more comprehensive insurance cover which may bring you more coverage advantages for any loss or damages.

What are the benefits of buying car insurance online in Sharjah?

Traditionally car insurance has appeared to be rather complex and filled with ambiguous language and endless policy details; a situation that has been crying out for clarity and transparency.  Thankfully, the development of innovative technological solutions has meant that for car insurance in Sharjah, this confusion will be a thing of the past.  Digital car insurance agents now offer you the opportunity to view a wide range of insurance companies in Sharjah, all on one platform.  This evolution means that you, the consumer, can explore your options more easily and compare many car insurance quotes in one place and choose the one that best suits your budget and vehicle details.  This comparison site experience means that Sharjah national insurance companies have worked hard to improve their processes and offer you the most affordable solutions that you can browse on platforms such as ours, without getting lost in confusing and unreliable information.  You can quickly see which insurance providers provide the best coverage on the aspects that matter most to you, including personal accident, personal injury, 24 hour roadside assistance and party liability.  By comparing car insurance online, you can opt for the cheaper car insurance option of third-party coverage, or choose comprehensive insurance that offers more convenience and coverage, albeit at a higher rate.  Don’t get stuck in the mud with outdated car insurance in Sharjah and instead embrace the ease of a smooth and fast process with: digital documents, clarity of repair coverage, a user-friendly platform that even those with no insurance knowledge can follow, live chat for helpful assistance and a choice of payment options including cashless.

What are the types of car insurance we offer in Sharjah?

In order to give you the best options, we can provide two different types of insurance from the top tier car insurance companies in Sharjah.  If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance type you can opt for third-party insurance, which is the minimum required by law for every driver in Sharjah.  This option will protect any third-party in an accident, but not repair your own damage and you can search quotes for this option from all of the best car insurance companies in Sharjah.  

If you are looking for more comprehensive coverage that will protect your vehicle in the case of accident, as well as pay out for third-party damage, then you can choose the more expensive auto insurance type, comprehensive policy insurance.  This option has a variety of additional benefits and coverage, including man-made and natural disasters, so that you can have complete peace of mind.

What documents are needed to have car insurance in Sharjah?

Insurance companies in Sharjah require a variety of documents in order to offer you the best car insurance quotes online. Different car insurance covers or situations will affect the required records:


Normal kind of car insurance renewal in Sharjah:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car Registration Card


Brand-new Motor Insurance in Sharjah:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Showroom Quotation
  • Bank Approval Letter (If bank financed)

Insurance for second hand cars in Sharjah:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Owner’s previous Registration Card or Possession Certificate or Transfer Certificate
  • Car Photos
  • Passing Certificate of vehicle check

If Sharjah car insurance has expired:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Passing certificate of vehicle check
  • Dated Car Photos
  • A Physical survey, this is a car inspection done by the insurance company and is also needed if the auto insurance has been expired for more than 1 month


Switching from third-party car insurance to comprehensive car insurance in Sharjah:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Physical Inspection from the insurance company. In some cases, no physical inspection is needed if car photos and passing certificate are provided.


For comprehensive car insurance in Sharjah:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Passing certificate of vehicle check


For agency repair:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car registration
  • Proof of no claim certificate. (In the case of third year agency repair, you will need to present your last year’s policy schedule).

What is the process of buying a car insurance in Sharjah through Aqeed?

Our priority at Aqeed is to give you the smoothest and most affordable car insurance journey.  We aim to remove the traditional complications and make the entire process as transparent and convenient as possible.  Our role as a digital insurance agent is to ensure that you are able to totally comprehend every aspect of your selection and purchase of car insurance in Sharjah. 

The first step in securing Sharjah car insurance begins with submitting answers to some questions about your situation and vehicle.  This information will then be used by insurance companies in Sharjah to provide you with the most suitable quotes for your specific needs.

Next, you will be able to view all of the auto insurance quotes in Sharjah and compare the car insurance quotes and provisions in order to find the one that is most appropriate for your budget.  Once you have selected your desired policy, you can simply upload the required documents and insert your payment details in order for an authorization of your debit or credit card to be taken. 

At this stage, our expert insurance agents will review your documents.  If there are any issues, such as car value mismatch, age issue, tariff mismatch or invalidity of documents, they will pass your records to the appropriate Sharjah insurance company.

At Aqeed, your policy will be issued, and payment taken, only after your records are approved.

We also understand that sometimes circumstances change, and people need to change their mind, that is why we have a range of options to cancel your auto insurance policy.  They are:

  1. A card authorization has been taken, but the policy has not been issued yet: we will simply cancel the order and void the authorization, there is no cancellation fee.
  2. Your car insurance policy has been issued and payment received, however, you have not registered the policy with your card: you get a full refund, but certain insurers might charge a small cancellation fee.
  3. Your car insurance policy has been paid for, issued and used for a period: you receive a partial refund, the exact amount depends on the insurer providers. The processing will take 2-3 weeks and any discounts provided will be deducted from the partial refund amount. Please note that the partial refund is only applicable if there was no claims on the policy

Who are our car insurance partners in Sharjah?

Aqeed only works with the highest level partners so that you can always select from the best car insurance providers in Sharjah.  Allow us to introduce to you to our insurance partners:

Oman Insurance

By choosing Oman Insurance Sharjah, you know you will be getting expert assistance, a customized policy and superb customer service that you can rely on whenever you need it.  Oman Insurance have been providing insurance policies at the highest levels for many years throughout the Middle East and are well versed in the nuances of driving within the region and how to tailor policies accordingly. 

Orient Insurance

Sometimes only a name you know will do and that is exactly what you get with Orient Insurance Sharjah, part of the well-established Al-Futtaim Group.  This trusted partner is excellently rated by a variety of industry bodies and has established a reputation for the best customer service. 

Watania Insurance

Because Watania Insurance Sharjah operates using the wakala model, you can be assured that your car insurance selection will not involve compromising on your religious beliefs.  This model involves the collaborative risk share basis that is required to be classed as an Islamic financial product. 

Union Insurance

Union Insurance Sharjah might have started in Abu Dhabi, but its record of performance in Sharjah is well deserved.  Customers have responded extremely positively to their options for standard and customized policies, as well as their expert team on hand to offer assistance whenever needed.

Adamjee Insurance

Since its arrival in the UAE, the Pakistani founded Adamjee Insurance Sharjah, has become one of the most respect insurance providers in the region.  With their extensive background in insurance and significant paid-up capital and reserves, they can offer customers unique solutions for their auto insurance needs.

Dubai Insurance

Dubai Insurance offers one of the most clear-cut choices when it comes to finding the right car insurance for you in Sharjah.  Stable, experienced and constantly innovating new ideas, this is an insurance provider who will go the extra mile to make sure you find the right fit for you and your vehicle. 

Al Wathba Insurance

Take an excellent capital base, decades of experience and a desire to rise to the top and you will have Al Wathba Insurance Sharjah.  This team are always on hand to offer you the most professional and reliable levels of service, so that you never have to worry about a thing.

I-Insured Insurance

When you are searching for car insurance in Sharjah, you need a provider that will priorities your needs and the best levels of customer service.  I-Insured Insurance Sharjah is exactly that type of insurance provider and they will use their expertise, capital and reach to provide you with the best deals from across the region.   

Qatar General Insurance

Qatar General Insurance Sharjah is all about you.  From the type of policy they offer, their analysis of your requirements to the expert customer service, they want to make sure that buying car insurance is as smooth and as transparent as possible, so you have the confident to keep driving, no matter where the road takes you.

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