The word "Takaful" has a strong Arabic heritage, derived from the words Kafal or Kafala, which essentially means to guarantee, or to bear responsibility for. One could say that Takaful is the Islamic way to say "insurance".
With this being said, Al Hilal Takaful lives up to its name, guaranteeing the best of insurance solutions to its customers, protecting them from the risks that come with a person's life of belongings.
Al Hilal Takaful takes pride in its strong Arabic routes, providing services that align with the values and lessons taught in the Islamic culture. This includes serving its customers with the solutions that are best for every individual, and not necessarily the goals of the business. They do this is fairness, sharing any burdens that may arise and complete and utter transparency. This sets Al Hilal Takaful aside from any other insurance company from the way shareholders are selected (or invited), to the means of serving their customers, Al Hilal Takaful does insurance in the purest and culturally driven of ways.

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  • Al Nahyan camp, Al Muroor Road, opposite to the bus station, Building No 72, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Toll Free. 800220022

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