Since their inception in 1978, Arabian Scandinavian Insurance company has provided insurance products and solutions for a variety of different areas, including Motor, Medical, Personal Accident and Business Insurance Solutions. With its long-standing presence in the region, they have formed strong relationships between the company and its customers, which has also allowed them to expand their business over the years.
Their workforce includes a dedicated team of administrative and technical staff as a group of experienced professionals, capable of meeting the expectations of any customer. Supported by the latest in technology, Arabian Scandinavian Insurance (ASCANA) is a reliable and efficient insurance solutions provider in the UAE.
The company itself has been acknowledged for its hard work, with a vision to achieve regional recognition in the Insurance Sector. They aim to be a leading provider of insurance products in each sector, including property, health and wealth for the UAE.

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  • Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company PLC "Takaful" Ascana Insurance, P.O. Box 1993 Dubai, UAE.
  • Toll Free: 800-272262 |Tel. no. +971-4- 2824403/2825585

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