The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan was formed in 1972 and is the product of a merger of 32 companies, classified under various ratings. Today, with their head office in Karachi, they operate with 7 regional offices, 33 zonal and many sub-zonal offices around the region. Their primary product offering consists of Life Insurance policies for a variety of individuals and corporates.They aim to meet a list of objectives as part of their daily routine; firstly, to provide and run a life insurance-based business on ethical values and practices, while providing more efficient and useful products and services to all their policyholders. This also means that they aim to maximize the return to those who choose State Life Insurance Corp. and widen their audience to as many people as possible, including those who live in smaller towns and villages.
Their mission is simple and clear; to retain their current standing as a leading insurer, while extending the benefits of life insurance to all members of society. With this, they aim to continually provide their products, uphold their commitments and deliver their service to all those who choose a life insurance policy with them.

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  • Principal Office State Life Building No. 9, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi-75530
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