New mother in Dubai? Here’s what you need to know

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  • The standard paid maternity leaves in UAE companies is usually 45 days.
  • Hiring helpers is affordable.
  • Dubai is the paradise of baby shopping.

Being a mother is hard-work especially when you’re not surrounded by family and friends who would normally lend you a hand and fill in your shoes as much as possible.

In this article, we will be giving you a heads up for the must know as a mother in Dubai to help you prepare for your first year as a mom here.

Preparing for maternity

As soon as you’re comfortable sharing the joyous news of your pregnancy; inform your employer of the date for your maternity leave, find a replacement for you if necessary during your leave and confirm or modify the predetermined insurance plan with the assistance of administration or HR office.
The standard paid maternity leaves in companies based in the UAE are usually of 45 days with an extra 15 days available which can be taken with your maternity leave or spread out over the first year.

Working part-time

As a mother, you might consider looking for a part-time job in Dubai, especially if you have just moved in alone and have no idea how to manage your time without the help of family and friends.
The good news is, you don’t have to!
While the cost of hiring a professional nanny maybe outrageously high in almost any other country, in the UAE, you can get someone to help around the house either as stay-in or part-time for a reasonable amount of money. So instead of looking for a part-time job in Dubai; enjoy your freedom to do the things that you really care about whether it’s playing with your kid, practicing your hobby, exercising or starting a full-time job living a financial burden.

Vaccines for your child

The official schedule of vaccinations in the UAE is like the one in the UK or the US. Check with your health insurance provider to know which vaccines are part of your insurance plan and which are not, but keep in mind that most of health insurance providers don’t cover vaccination as it is considered as preventative medicine, not a treatment.
Some vaccines are offered by the Ministry of Health’s program and are provided at any government clinic nearby; you only need to open a file for your baby. However, you will have to go to a private clinic to get the vaccines that are not provided by the government.
If you find yourself able to afford your baby’s vaccines and would rather avoid a government clinic, you still need to know that vaccines are generally costly in Dubai.

Baby shopping

Carter’s, Mothercare, TLC, Toys r Us, Osh Kosh and many more of the high-quality kids brands are well spread over the malls of Dubai.
Baby shopping and mothercare products shopping in Dubai may turn out to be a pleasant surprise as you stroll with your baby around Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, City Center Mirdif, The Outlet Village. You generally feel welcome and supported as a mother, not only by the number and quality of shops but also the baby facilities at the mall.

The summer of Dubai

As you baby shop in Dubai for clothes, stay away from coats, wool and thermos clothing, because you will not need them.
If this is your first year in the UAE, you may be aware that weather is hot half of the year and warm the second half. While you might have witnessed four seasons in other countries, be prepared to see summer and spring with very few rainy days. But that surely doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the festive season in December as Christmas decorations and mouth-watering holiday specials are everywhere!


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