People dream big in Dubai, but can big dreams be insured?

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  • Do the big Dubai dreams always happen?
  • How do you insure against failure?
  • What do you do next?

Dubai is the place where people dare to dream big. After all, it’s the city where big things happen – the biggest mall, the biggest manmade island, the biggest airport, the biggest fireworks, etc.

This city has a history of big dreams coming true, being itself the realization of a big dream – that of Sheikh Rashid, whose visit to Manhattan fifty years ago, began the Dubai dream.

What if it flops?

People have been flocking to Dubai with their big dreams ever since. Most dreams need a huge dollop of good luck to be achieved – it’s not just about following them and working hard. Look what happened to John Sneedly. Never heard of him? Exactly!

So what if you turn out to be more like him – one of the ones who come here, work hard and your big dream of, say, developing the world’s biggest ice palace in the desert, never materializes? What are your options? Do you downsize your dream? But if you downsize, it won’t be such a BIG dream anymore.

Can you claim on insurance?

Most insurance companies who offer you a ‘bring your dream to life’ policy, don’t usually mean resuscitating it once it’s gasped its last breath. They are more likely a savings scheme, which helps finance its launch, rather than recover its demise. A few companies do offer long-term, flexible coverage that seemingly changes as your life evolves, and will provide financial resources. For example, when you’re starting over in a new career, but these also usually involve you having been on their savings plan. It’s always a good idea to have insurance however, and make sure your house and car are covered, too, you know, in case you need to sell them – but let’s not go there.
Health insurance is a must, especially if you tend to get stressed out.

“Screw it, let’s do it!” – again!

Ultimately, the best insurance is actually you! Not allowing yourself to be defined by your failure. After all, failure is what makes success taste all the sweeter.

So yes, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and dream big – again! Well? It’s Dubai, right?

But this time, dream flexibly. Did you know the bar at the top of the Burj Al Arab was supposed to be a casino? Yep, a dream that didn’t happen. But it makes a spectacular bar.


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