Travel insurance: not a question of maybe

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  • Most of the time, travel insurance reaches the lowest of our priorities when planning a trip.
  • Figuring out a suitable package is important and can save a lot of monetary expenses.
  • Even if you already on your trip, online insurance plans are now at reach easy and fast.

Why it’s crucial to ensure you’re covered during your next foreign trip

As administrative tasks from flight bookings, to hotel stays, to sightseeing schedules all start to stack up, planning a holiday can feel like an arduous slog.

With myriad demands placed upon your attention, perhaps it’s unsurprising that so many people heading overseas either forget about travel insurance or simply relegate it to the lower reaches of their priority list. While this oversight is understandable, the vital importance of travel insurance should not be downplayed.

Check your options

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, either for pleasure or business, make sure to look into your status and options. Check with your company to see if travel insurance is included in your corporate health plan. If not, a fast option would be to go online to figure out the package which best suits your needs.

It’s also important to do this before you travel

Most insurance firms impose a waiting window on voyagers who make their booking while abroad, to prevent fraudulent claims from those who have already suffered an illness or accident during this time. If you’re already on your trip, however, there’s no need to panic. Some companies will cover you straight away, with WorldNomads one of the more popular sites for this service.

Weigh your costs and benefits

You may still be cynical about the need for travel insurance, or brush it off as a fiddly expenditure that you most likely won’t need anyway. After all, just think of how much money you’ve saved by not paying for a policy during your past international voyages. In fact, perhaps the whole industry is little more than a scam – a needless tax levied upon travelers through simple manipulation and fearmongering.

But to think like this is to miss the point entirely. The logic behind travel insurance isn’t too dissimilar to the one behind motor vehicle insurance: just because you haven’t needed it yet, that doesn’t mean you never will.

However, unlike motor vehicle insurance, securing a policy for your travels isn’t a legal necessity – and should you be unfortunate enough to fall ill or suffer an accident while abroad, a lack of appropriate coverage could prove disastrous to your bank balance.

Hospital stays, MRI scans, medicines, X-rays, operations – if you’ve taken out a sturdy insurance policy beforehand, you can concentrate on getting better without distraction. If, however, you decided to chance your luck and eschew insurance altogether, you may well be liable to pay every penny of your treatment – a bill which can quickly soar to staggering heights.

So next time you’re preparing to visit a new country, be thorough in exploring your travel insurance requirements. It may not feel as glamorous as booking your seat at a Michelin-starred restaurant in your chosen destination or securing tickets to the hottest show in town, but it could end up saving you from financial ruin.


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