Why you can never plan enough, but can’t do without planning

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  • When it comes to making decisions, we tend to plan every step from start to finish before taking action.
  • Although sometimes no amount of planning can prevent the inevitable, it doesn’t stop us from planning our everyday lives. In fact, it helps us tackle the unforeseen with more confidence.

Planning has been a way of human life since the beginning of times. From food planning to storing crops for winter, to designating safety routes, we are the masters of planning. But no amount of preparation and precautions can avoid the unavoidable

So, should we aspire to plan our every move or just take life as it comes?

A bit of both could be the best technique and understanding this technique will help us approach life with more optimism.

Why you can never plan enough

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
– Allen Saunders

Whether we are choosing our career path or arranging a night of desert camping, we naturally set out a plan of action. We research, ask around, equip ourselves with knowledge and tools to get it all in order.
Now if things don’t go as we thought they would, we may find a new calling after the first year of university or maybe sudden rains may dampen what could have been a lovely night under the stars.

Does it mean all preparations go to waste? Not really.
In the first case, you not only discover a career you love but also what you wouldn’t see yourself doing for the rest of your life.
In the second case, well, a little waterproofing goes a long way.

This takes us to…

Why planning is important

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
– Alan Lakein (Time Management Expert)

We are confined to time and as they say, “time is money”, every minute or hour counts. That is why planning ahead of time can help us face unforeseen situations, equipped with efficient solutions.

It’s no wonder why successful individuals such as Richard Branson and organizations like Google recognize the vitality of planning to achieve successful goals and always remain at the top.

Let’s examine the importance of planning and how it improves our lives:

Planning helps to identify risks and opportunities

Almost all decisions involve some risks, and planning helps us analyze these risks compare them and choose routes where opportunities outweigh risks.
E.g. When it comes to investing, a bullion that has a history of steady growth would make the most sense.

Planning offers directions and outgoes problems

Planning begets forward thinking. Charting our journey ahead may help us avoid unexpected problems. And if problems are anticipated earlier along with planned solutions, then the day should go even better.
E.g. When organizing a party, asking ahead if our guests have any allergies may help prevent a medical emergency.

Planning inspires proactivity and creativity

Planning smartly risks and strategies

Having a course of action in place helps stay away from the constant worry about the next step. It gives our minds more room to invest our energy on new ideas.
E.g. If we are launching a coffee shop, planning for an advertising strategy will give us room to innovate blends and attract more customers.

Planning Motivates everyone involved

Planning is indispensable in management. While working in a group, planning helps with categorizing tasks by skills and assigning them to those who qualify best. Moreover, it also permits the creation of incentives for each task. In this way, every contributor can focus on their individual role thus perform better.
E.g. In work environments employees handle objectives best-suited to their qualifications and it contributes to an overall better result.

It gives room for failures

When approaching any goal with a set of defined plans failure is not an option, failure isn’t seen as a setback but as experience. Instead of giving up, we get up faster and move ahead with Plan B.
E.g. If we fail to land our dream job, then learning from our mistakes helps in winning other interviews in hand.

It paves the way for success

This is a no-brainer. In business or in personal life, planning ensures a higher likelihood of success. Because without a plan, we become dependent on circumstances and end up settling for whatever comes along.
E.g. Even in nature, wolves hunt with assigned roles and a plan of action to conserve energy and seize the best reward.

Whatever you do, plan to plan ahead. Because behind every overnight success lies nights of preparation and planning in anonymity.


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