The common causes of car accidents in the UAE

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  • Reckless texting is one of the most dangerous things to do while driving.
  • One of the most common causes of traffic accidents in the UAE is tailgating.
  • Many accidents are caused by drivers not properly shoulder-checking the car’s blind spots.
  • The number one reason why people get into accidents whether they cause them or not is negligence.
  • Half of the car accidents are caused by drivers aged between 18 and 30.
  • UAE aims to reduce the mortality rate to 3% per 100,000 of the population by 2021.

According to a US study, road fatalities were the second largest cause of death in the UAE in 2017, with 1838 deaths.
Every year, sadly, traffic accidents result with hundreds of tragic deaths, but looking at the bright side; the number of deaths caused by vehicle accidents for the first half of 2017 in the UAE, has declined by 18.4% compared to the same period in 2016; and injuries have decreased by 12.5% according to the General Directorate of Traffic Coordination of the Ministry of Interior.
The UAE Leadership, the Ministry of Interior and the Police are exerting immense efforts to raise awareness about safety on the road and how to avoid accidents. UAE aims to reduce mortality rate up to 3% per 100,000 of the population by 2021.

This article will briefly list the most common causes of road accidents hoping it can spread awareness about avoiding such fatal consequences.

Sudden swerving

Changing lanes suddenly without signaling to other drivers is a main cause of accidents in the UAE. Traffic and hurry could tempt us to change lanes quickly which puts us and others in danger. Always notify other drivers before changing your lane or taking a U-turn.


Luxury red car speeding

Young people enjoy speed, which explains why most of them get into accidents which sometimes also result in deaths. Do not speed at any cost and stay away from speeding cars as much as you can. To protect yourself and others, make sure that all car passengers are wearing their seat belt all the time. The fine for not buckling up all passengers in Dubai is AED400 and 4 black points on your license. While the fine for exceeding the speed limits by more than 80 Km/h goes up to AED3,000 along with 23 black points and confiscation of your vehicle for 60 days.


While traveling by foot in the UAE is not that common, people still get run-over sometimes. This could happen when pedestrians don’t pay attention to traffic signals or cross the streets unsafely. Although the pedestrian is most of the time not at fault, bear in mind that a run-over accident causes more damage to pedestrians than vehicles.

Not leaving enough safe distance AKA tailgating

With incorrect estimation of distance, tailgating is another very common causes of traffic accidents in the UAE. Dubai is famous for its high volume of traffic especially in the morning when everyone is heading to work, and the swift combined with impatience leads to leaving very small to no distance between cars.

Not paying attention

Man texting and driving at the same time

Probably half of the accidents can be avoided if drivers pay more attention on the wheel. Texting someone while driving, taking selfies, grooming or putting on make-up may seem like fast, harmless actions. But they can surely lead into fatal situations.

Add to them: not paying attention to other cars, to objects, to pedestrians, to mirrors, to car defects and not noticing traffic signals.

It has been said that the number one reason why people get into accidents whether they cause them or not is the lack of attention and negligence. Be cautious, the UAE authorities have no flexibility when it comes to road rules, in fact, if caught distracted you will get a fine of AED800 and 4 black points.

Not checking the blind spot

Many accidents are also caused by drivers not properly shoulder-checking the car’s blind spots. Many modern cars are now equipped with cameras and proximity detectors, the future is all about self-driving cars, but still, human eyes play a crucial factor in good judgement.

Passing the red light and pedestrians priority

This goes without saying but crossing a red light is a dangerous behavior that can cause serious harm to you and others. Jumping the red light in the UAE results in a hefty fine of AED1000, 12 black points and a confiscation of your vehicle for 30 days!
If you happen to bump into an inattentive pedestrian, make sure to give them priority to ensure there are no run-overs, no collisions and no impact with other cars.


Drifting is, by definition, intended spinning or over steering the car several times at a speed of 180 Km/h or more. This behavior is generally known to tempt young drivers, who may not be quite aware of the fatal injuries their conduct may cause. However, drifting is strongly condemned in the UAE, hoping it can aware youngies to avoid reckless driving.

It needs a bundle of good behavior and attention to leave home and come back safely. Unfortunately, lack of attention, drifting, tailgating and run-overs are all causes of road fatalities and as much as we can’t control other’s actions, each one of us should always aim to work towards good, riskless driving etiquette.


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