8 ways UAE expats can make living away from home, just like home

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  • If you’ve recently moved to Dubai, feeling at home at may be a difficult task. However, a few simple tips can help you adjust yourself to your new location.
  • By covering the basics of housing, transport and communication, you can get a big headway.
  • You can also improve your experience by personalizing home décor, discovering new food and mingling with social circles.

In just 46 years, the UAE has earned its place as one of the most attractive hubs for jobs and new career opportunities in the world. Individuals and families from the West, South Asia and the rest of the world find UAE to be one of the top 10 places to live and work in.

On the other hand, most new expats also must often face a looming homesickness. So, if you are having a hard time making your country of residence feel like home, don’t worry, tackling it is simple.

Here are 8 simple tips to make life in the UAE, homely:

Find your shelter

This is a no-brainer. To feel at home, you first need a house. Ask your colleagues to refer you to a property agent or look up on the internet and you will find several reliable online resources.

Choose a place near your workplace or somewhere that is easily accessible to public transport. Living in the vicinity can effectively reduce your commute and save you more time for yourself.

Add personal touches to your home

Mom and daughter laying on the carpet of their home

Go ahead and splurge on a few things to adorn your house with. From curtains to that sleek night-lamp you’ve bookmarked in catalogs, you can find it all in the UAE. Also, bring in a few personal effects like photo-frames and souvenirs that make this new place feel more like back home.

Learn to get around

It is important that you get a hang of transportation options other than your daily commute. In Dubai for instance, you have an excellent metro system that spans across the city, a frequent and punctual bus network and an abundance of Taxis. After few months, you can also invest in a driving license and a car to get around more independently.

Learn the culture and language

UAE is known for its welcoming attitude to people from around the world. The Emirati citizens are cordial and dignified towards visitors and expat residents are always ready to help fellow-expats. A short visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s museums can help you know about the country’s heritage and understand the culture better. While everyone speaks English, it’s always a bonus to learn the local Arabic language and gestures. It will get you a step above those who don’t and make you feel you more included, habibi.

Get social

In a new place, you have to build an entirely new social circle. And that can be tough. To start with, you will definitely need to interact with your colleagues and people from your own country. But, you should also try joining activity clubs to indulge in your hobbies like reading, hiking, art and more.

Experiment with your taste buds

Arabian coffee and dates traditions

Where people go, they take their food with them. No wonder, the UAE is a melting pot of cuisines from across the globe. So, open your mind, your mouth and dig into a wide and generous fare of restaurants that serve cuisines like Emirati, Pakistani, American, British, German, Lebanese, Japanese, Indian and more!

Protect yourself

As per the Labour Laws of the UAE, it is mandatory for your employer to issue a health insurance for you. However, you should also ensure that your protection covers not just the basic, but your lifestyle interests too.

Finally, be patient. While these tips are simple, they can take time. It is okay to miss home, but it is also important to remember that in the end, home is not just a memory, but where you live.

In fact, home is right here.


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