Expat life: Your first week in Dubai

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  • Just by googling “Dubai city tour” you will find plenty of affordable tour packages.
  • The Cinema at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort has an open-air theatre that shows classic films 3 days a week.
  • It is now possible to watch the 152 meters-high Dubai Fountain show from as close as 9 meters only.
  • Jumble, the world’s first indoor urban maze is a 3,500 Square meter space designed to challenge your logic, reasoning, athleticism and teamwork skills.

Your first instinct might be to look for Dubai city tours to find suitable packages for expats; and although you will be on the right track, this article will be your guide for a fun and exciting first week as an expat, whether you visit Dubai on a tour or by yourself.

Day 1

Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina beach and sand
Take the Dubai Marina Metro Station to get to the world’s famous Dubai Marina Walk, where you can enjoy yourself for an entire day at the beachfront, with a paved walkway featuring 305 outlets and 69 restaurants to treat yourself morning, afternoon and night.
But eating is not all you can do; the Walk is 7 kilometers long, so you’ll be able to burn some calories and keep active.

While walking, you might come across the Covent Garden Market, a handicrafts and souvenirs market open from October to April.
Be sure to stay until the evening to witness the spectacular view of the sky, decorated with Dubai’s sparkling skyscrapers and glowing stars.

Day 2

Take a Dubai City Tour

Hop on hop off Dubai bus tour

Just by googling “Dubai city tour” you will find plenty of affordable tour packages. Go around the city with a tour guide and experience Dubai as a tourist. See if you can get an all-inclusive deal to save on meals and extras.

Or, head off to the gym!

Being new in the city might cause you some tension. Keep up your strength and blow off some steam by going to a nearby gym. Bonus points if you make friends there on your second day!

Day 3

Take photos of Dubai

Smiling woman taking photos with mobile phone

Capture your first impressions of the city with a camera or from your phone and share them with the world. Among the places to visit in Dubai that are great for photography are: Burj Khalifa, the Kite Beach, Jumeirah and Dubai Creek to name a few. If you’re really into this, you could take advantage of going on a Dubai City Tour by snapping as many photos as possible for your blog or Instagram.

Watch the latest movies in Dubai 

After a busy day on a Dubai tour, have some relaxing me-time at one of Dubai’s state-of-the-art cinemas. Some theatres have weekday offers, so if you’re going with a friend go on Tuesday or Wednesday to get a free ticket when you purchase tickets through your telecom service provider (Du has Tuesdays and Etisalat Wednesdays)
If you’re a vintage lover; The Cinema at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort has an open-air option that shows classic films every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The theatre has its own private bar and a snacks menu.

Day 4

Go camping

Night camping in Dubai desertSand dunes under the hazy sun and star-gazing around a campfire at night might prove to be your most memorable day in Dubai.
As a first-timer, you don’t have to go far off from where you live. Located along Al-Qudra road, it will not be difficult to find the brand-new desert-themed community “Arabian Ranches”, where you can camp just outside the residential areas. This way you can enjoy your first camp while feeling safe and reassured.

Day 5

Explore art at The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre museum Abu-Dhabi

It’s not Dubai, but who would miss the opportunity to visit The Louvre? Louvre Abu Dhabi took 10 years in the making and is now open for visitors 7 days a week.
The trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus or taxi is 2 hours and 20 minutes max and you can buy your admission ticket online –AED60 for regular/adults- to save some time.

Day 6

Visit the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk

Famous Dubai fountain
You might have seen or read about Dubai Fountain, the world’s second largest choreographed fountain and wondered if you can watch it from up close, especially when there are too many people. It is now possible, thanks to the opening of Dubai Fountain Boardwalk where you can enjoy the stroll along the 272 meters floating platform and get to watch the 152 meters-high water show from as close as 9 meters only.

Day 7

Escape the Room

There’s a wealth of escape rooms out there in Dubai so we promise you will never get bored. But one must-play escape room is the maze-inspired Jumble, described as “the world’s first indoor urban maze”. Jumble is a 3,500 sq. m. space designed to challenge your logic, reasoning, athleticism and teamwork skills.


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