Top 10 tips for living in Dubai

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  • Are you a Dubai newbie? If so, we’d like to start off by congratulating you on your new chapter. Albeit small and cozy, this vibrant city has a lot going on.
  • Now for starters, please grab a cookie and make yourself at home as you gaze into the gleaming Burj Khalifa and let us to do the introductory work for you.
  • As old timers here in Dubai, it’s safe to say we’ve learned the tricks of the trade. Also, as your fellow Dubai expats (yes, welcome to the club), we promise that our useful list of life hacks will certainly come in handy at one point or another to help you make the most out of your time, whether you’re here for short or long term.

Dubai city life

Make the most out of your Dubai shopping experience

Don’t the words Dubai, shopping and rewards sound exciting together? If you use your credit card effectively, you get perks such as cash back. The best time to shop in Dubai is during the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) that takes place in January every year. Feel like shopping for high-end brands at cheap prices? The Dubai Outlet Mall is also the answer to your wishes.

Buy your groceries (and much more) at the touch of a button

Shop for anything from the comfort of your sofa with a simple tap on your smartphone. You’d be surprised to find that services here are next level, and almost anything you can dream of (a single red velvet cupcake, a cappuccino to go or even a box of aspirin!) can be delivered straight to your door without even having to speak to anyone on the phone. If you wish to go to a Supermarket for groceries, Carrefour is definitely cheaper than Spinneys or Geant.

Use the Careem app for kids

Have you recently moved here with your small family? If so, then you’d be delighted to learn that Dubai is a kid-friendly city by excellence. Ditch those heavy portable car seats and order a Careem Kids. They arrive in no time. Talk about a hassle-free life.

Make airport life easier

We can bet that your first impression of Dubai was DXB airport and that of endless queues whichever way you looked. Good news is, once you sort out your Emirates ID card and officially become a resident, you will be able to swift through terminal 1 and 3 E-Gates. And if you own an HSBC Premier MasterCard, you gain free entry to the airport’s Marhaba Lounge.

Use free Entertainer vouchers

It’s safe to say that Entertainer vouchers have been embedded within the Dubai culture. We’re sorry to break it to you, but you aren’t living the proper Dubai lifestyle if you haven’t downloaded and used The Entertainer App. And if you happen to be an HSBC cardholder, it’s complimentary. Groupon and Cobone are two other apps that can get you heavily discounted rates for any service or activity you can think of.

Snap a photo of where you’ve parked at the mall

Massive shopping malls are a thing here. So, you better be armed and ready to avoid misfortunes such as losing your car somewhere in the acres and acres of parking land. The solution is easy. Just snap a picture of where you’ve parked, and you’re all set for a rewarding shopping spree.

Indulge in the many spa deals around town

Most spas offer fabulous discounts for your pampering needs (and wants). Grab a coworker or a friend and go after a long exhausting day of work, because there are lots of 2 for 1 deals going on.

Never leave on holiday during Ramadan

Those who’ve been living and working in Dubai for some time now, know that Ramadan is the best period to stick around. Why go on holiday during that time of year when you can actually benefit from decreased working hours and save on ridiculously overpriced tickets? If you fancy our opinion, we’d save the holidays for the scorching hot “ramadanless” days of the year.

Take advantage of quiet Friday mornings

With nearly empty roads on Friday mornings, it would be ideal to schedule your trips to the mall or to IKEA around that time of the week. Try it and you’ll thank us for the serenity we have brought into your life.

Know where to get the best hotel deals in Dubai

The Entertainer, Groupon, and yearly summer resident discounts are your answer. Usually, June – August is the best time to enjoy a luxurious staycation in Dubai for less, as it would be low season.

Now that you are aware of these life hacks, we know we can confidently throw you out there in the dazzling sandpit where you can relish the good life under the desert sunshine. We wish you love and light as you embark on your new journey.


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