5 amazing yoga studios in Dubai you should visit

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  • There is a plethora of yoga studios scattered around the city.
  • We have curated a list of top-notch studios to help you save time and stress.
  • Whether you live in Dubai Marina, Barsha Heights, Jumeirah Beach Road or Downtown, there is a great yoga studio at close proximity.
  • The yoga studios that made it on our list all have something special to offer.

Are you stumbling across yoga studios on every corner of the city? We really aren’t surprised. You name it, Dubai has it. And it truly has something for everyone and anyone. Ironically though, the pursuit of mental focus and deeper inner quietude can become a bit too overwhelming when you’re spoilt for choice.

Your body is a temple, and we understand your need to find the crème de la crème of yoga experiences to nurture it from within. But the last thing you want is to lose your sanity over choosing the right class. After all, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of a body and mind decluttering experience?

If you ask us, your quest for peace of mind should start off…well, peacefully, and on the right foot, so to speak (half frog pose, we’re eyeing you from afar). Take a deep breath with us in downward dog, that is, because we’ve rounded up the absolute best spots in town and threw them together under one roof, so you can unwind, detox, and strengthen your mind and body in the heart of the city’s hustle and bustle.

136.1 Yoga Studio

136.1 yoga studio in Dubai

Tried, tested, and approved by many, this yoga studio is extremely popular and for good reason. With a space that boasts an uplifting atmosphere and airy rooms with panoramic views overlooking the Marina, you will relish the warm daylight and bask in utmost serenity. Try to book a Vinyasa Flow session at sunset to make the most out of your experience. The studio also organizes yoga retreats and offers professional workshops for those who would be interested.

136.1 Yoga Studio, Dubai Marina, +971 4 441 6287

Life’n One

life'n one dubai yoga studio

It’s not just about the class itself at Life’n One. Fancy a unique twist to your yoga experience? This studio will live up to any hardcore yogi’s expectations. Located in a villa in the heart of Jumeirah, the studio boasts a stunning garden and a café that caters to your mind and body with its mind-blowing selection of vegetarian treats. Not to mention the top-notch instructors who know how to deliver a special experience.

Most classes take place on the stunning roof, creating an ideal environment for you to enjoy your weekly doses of fresh air and sunshine while improving your posture and wellbeing.

Life’n One, Jumeirah Beach Road, +971 56 534 2899


Define yoga - best yoga studio in Dubai

A morning view upside down? Doesn’t sound too bad. And what better way to practice the art of yoga than with a front row view of the beautiful Marina? Try out a class at Define to experience what we’re talking first-hand. The best part? Your first class is on the house. A typical Define yoga session allows you to perfectly stretch and lengthen your muscles thanks to the props incorporated. From muscle balls to mat yoga poses as well as Aerial yoga, you’ll leave the class feeling leaner and reinvigorated. We especially recommend this class for those who have usually a strenuous fitness routine.

Define, Dubai Marina, +971 4 421 6377


Voyoga studio - best yoga studio in Dubai

Despite some excellent yoga studios available in the city, Voyoga stands out by offering the most diverse classes that cater to all preferences. From Bikram to Vinyasa, Swing to Hatha – you name it. Not to mention the stunning views. Voyaga also regularly hosts international yogis, events, and workshops. If Bikram Yoga is your practice of choice, then Voyoga is definitely your go-to studio.

Voyoga, Barsha Heights, +971 4 553 8630

Zoga Yoga Café

Zoga yoga cafe - yoga studio in Dubai

Trendy, fresh, and stylish without losing the essence and simplicity of yoga practice and what it stands for, Zoga Yoga Cafe is the place to go if you like a good workout/post-class healthy smoothie combo. Located in the heart of buzzing Downtown Dubai, it is a perfect and accessible retreat away from the hectic city lifestyle.

Zoga Yoga Cafe, Downtown Dubai, +971 4 276 7657

Are you ready to be inspired and flex those odd muscles you never knew you had? We say it’s time to become the best version of yourself. Namaste! And here comes the part where you answer: Sukhino Bhava, or in other words, “be happy”.


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