Things to do in Abu Dhabi: the good, the better and the best places

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  • Abu Dhabi is the rising capital of the world, with hidden gems to discover.
  • Indulge in the exotic Indian flavors tastes at Evergreen, or peruse endless organic products at WoMn Cosmetics.
  • Create the most memorable experiences at the Hidden Bar or take a step into the future at the Yas Viceroy Hotel.

Abu Dhabi: The world’s rising capital. A city of incredible history, mesmerizing experiences and exceptional adventures, all in the heart of the Middle East. And in this place that offers everything and more, it helps to know where the good, the better and the best hangouts, hidden gems and rising stars are.

Abu Dhabi down town skyline

The Good

There’s nothing like the delicious tastes of Indian cuisine at a price that suits every pocket.

Evergreen is the place to enjoy the exotic flavors of freshly made vegetarian food while taking a stroll through downtown Abu Dhabi.

Open daily 7am-3pm, 4.30pm-11pm. Electra Street, Al Markaziya.

WoMn Cosmetics, started by a husband and wife team, is all about the innovation of products using only the most natural ingredients. Choose from an exquisite range of organic serums and anti-aging formulas as well as products for body and hair health, all without any parabens, mineral oils and colorants.

Open Sat-Thu 10am-2pm, 5pm-10pm; Fri 5pm-10pm. Behind the Royal Rose Hotel, Electra Street (055 224 3980).

The Better

Take a glimpse into the beautiful past of Abu Dhabi at the Heritage Village – with its quaint shops and unique setting, it’s like stepping into a different era. Enjoy the traditional ways of desert living with handmade souvenirs from soaps to spices, or experience the true craft in artisanal goods including metal works, pottery and more.

Open Sat-Thurs 9am-4pm; Fri 3.30pm-9pm. Near Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Corniche Breakwater.

And if you’re looking for the best in mysterious hide ways and cozy getaways, Hidden Bar is the ideal spot. Enjoy the captivating skyline views of Abu Dhabi while embracing the welcoming lounge settings, relaxing ambiance and range of exciting decedent teas and mixed drinks.

Open daily 4pm-1am. Rosewood Hotel, Al Maryah Island.

The Best

Luxury has a new definition thanks to the sheer opulence of the Spa at the Emirates Palace. In a city that’s all about going the extra mile when it comes to extravagance, this spa is more than a place to escape the realities of life – it’s an experience above the rest. Be transported to different worlds, with the spa incorporating its inspiration from Moroccan design, Arabian treatments, and worldly cuisine, all in one truly immaculate and memorable setting.

Being a city deemed to be ahead of its time, it’s only fitting that Abu Dhabi hosts one of the most futuristic hotel rooms at Yas Viceroy Hotel. The dazzling rooms are automatically one-of-a-kind with their LED glass veils, customizable interiors, ultramodern solutions and unique views of the famous Formula One Track. The super high-tech rooms are all housed within a structure that’s inspired by every sci-fi movie imaginable, a work of true architectural excellence. And the only way to create a full sensory experience is to combine all this with only the best service and standards of distinction and superiority.

With Abu Dhabi being the ever-evolving city it is, the hardest part is not deciding where to go, it’s choosing where to start.


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