The latest UAE craze: flying motorbikes

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  • It isn’t too long before you’ll be spotting flying motorcycles.
  • The UAE is always willing to go big with the latest emerging technology.
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in talks to incorporate these flying motorcycles into their fleet of police vehicles.
  • These hovering bikes will bring added safety to the country.

Soon enough, when you look to the skies of the UAE, you’ll be casually spotting several flying motorbikes. As bonkers as this may sound, technology is really going places, and it’s getting the best of us.

No signs of slowing down

Dubai Police has wowed the world already with its lavish ways of pursuing law-breakers. Lamborghini patrol cars, self-driving robots and android officers… You name it. Today, the long desert highways are no longer enough of a challenge for a nation that is constantly in the fast lane of innovation and technology. Today, the vast skies are the Arabian Peninsula’s latest playground.

“And maybe pigs can fly”, you might chime in disbelief. Yes, maybe they can.

Motorbike transport carries a whole new meaning in 2018. Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s governments are currently in serious talks around the incorporation of drone motorcycles into their fleet of police vehicles, and it is fast becoming a reality. This is yet another proof that the UAE’s fascination with the latest machinery in the world is showing no signs of stopping or slowing down.

Currently, in the early phase of testing with the manufacturer, these strange mechanisms called Hoversurf are developed by Russian tech incubator Skolkovo and are a cross between a drone and a motorcycle.

The star of Gitex 2017

The 2017 Gitex exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center unveiled a sneak peak of the innovative bike that can either seat a police officer or is controlled remotely to take to the air in hot pursuit.

Law-breakers, run for your lives!

A nightmare for reckless drivers, offenders and culprits, the carbon fiber-plated motorcycle is equipped with eight cameras which can monitor facial expressions, take 360-degree images and stream video directly to the police command center.

The bikes are a solution for emergency situations, thanks to their capacity to overcome heavy traffic and respond to situations happening above ground level in no time, making the country an even safer haven than it already is.

A sneak peeks into the Hoversurf technology:

  • It has four large propellers
  • It can fly at a height of five meters for 25 minutes when battery charged, and almost an hour when traditionally fueled
  • Its operating time is expected to increase as the technology develops
  • It can carry a weight of up to 300 kg at speeds of up to 70 km per hour
  • These drones can also fly without a pilot
  • They can be controlled remotely, covering up to 6 km


With the UAE’s plans to transform 25% of all transport journeys to autonomous by 2030, it is no wonder that a host of top-notch futuristic tech, including this hovering vehicle that caught everyone’s attention, is making its way toward us at the speed of light. Are you already confusing this revolutionary gadget for something out of a sci-fi movie? If so, we excuse you.


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