Here is how to shop from Amazon to Dubai

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  • Amazon finally delivers to the UAE, and its simpler than you think.
  • Familiarize yourself with a new Amazon homepage and learn how to set up a 1-click-address.
  • If that doesn’t work, try Borderlinx, a quick and painless way to get all your Amazon orders to your doorstep.

So you’ve found it – the thing you’ve wanted for ages and it’s the perfect price!

There’s just one thing: you’re in Dubai, and you’ve found it on Amazon. Historically, it’s never been quite clear which items ship to the UAE and which don’t, how much Amazon shipping to the UAE will cost if they do ship. And we all know the horrid feeling of getting to the checkout page only to find out that the items in our cart aren’t eligible to be sent to the UAE. What a pain!

Until now

Shopping from Amazon on Ipad

With so many “other” ways of getting around Amazon’s restrictions, we’ve found a process that makes online shopping in Dubai with Amazon much, much better. And yes, you’re going to love how easy it is to finally get everything you want, right to your doorstep.

Finding a new home

Firstly, whenever you go to, Amazon assumes you are within the United States – cue the awkward moment, because you’re actually in the UAE, hence the constant error messages when you’ve reached the checkout page.

So, instead of going to the Amazon USA page, it’s important that you start all of your Amazon journeys on the Amazon International page. Turn this into your Amazon homepage and you’re already halfway there. It’s pretty tough to navigate here on your own, so just visit this page to make all of your searches much more relevant by eliminating items that can’t be shipped internationally from the start.

Setting up your 1-click address

Even though your incredible new Amazon homepage will now tell you what items are eligible for global shipping, there are still some items that can’t be delivered to the UAE. Top tip: Avoid this by simply specifying that you only want to see items that are eligible for Amazon UAE shipping.

It sounds complicated, but it’s not:

Simply, go to Manage Shipping Addresses under Your Account and ensure you have your the UAE address listed (if you don’t, quickly add it to New Address). Also, ensure that you have “1-click ordering” turned on so that Amazon will check your address before showing you any item.

Here’s the thing: you never need to actually use the 1-click ordering functionality, but it’s still important to turn it on.

If you’re asking, “what if my item still can’t be shipped to the UAE?”

Well then say hello to your new friend, Borderlinx

According to Borderlinx records, Amazon is one of UAE’s favorite overseas retailers, and for good reason too. So, when it comes to having your goods, from DVDs, books, the Amazon Kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, to jewelry and kitchenware, Borderlinx is your new international shipping bestie.

You’re most likely looking to shop from Amazon for items that are not available locally, or that are available, but at a high price. And shipping from the USA can be expensive, or just not eligible for delivery to your doorstep.

Thankfully, Borderlinx makes it easy:

Whether you’re shopping from the United States’ or United Kingdom’s Amazon store, your journey always starts with a virtual USA or UK address from Borderlinx. From there, you can calculate the tax & duties upfront with the Borderlinx Shipping Cost Calculator and save a lot on shipping using the Borderlinx Consolidation & Repacking services. It might sound like a lot to take in, but Borderlinx makes it super quick and easy to understand.

To find out more, visit the Borderlinx page for more on

Online shopping is the easiest way to shop – so why should delivery be any different?


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