A home of happiness: Dubai plan 2021

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  • Dubai is known for its forward-thinking, in always wanting to be the benchmark for a big city and a futuristic living.
  • Smart Dubai 2021 is an initiative by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, that aims to turn Dubai into “the happiest city in the world” through the innovative use and adoption of technology.
  • With the happiness of its residents and visitors as the driver, Smart Dubai 2021 has already begun to have an impact on the city.
  • Within the next years, the project aims to achieve 6 core goals, which all work together in creating the happiest city in the world.

Dubai is renowned for its excellent growth since the turnover of the millennium. And with this constant improvement, the highest standards and the always-on notion of having to be the best, you must wonder, “well, what’s next?”

Smart Dubai 2021 is the answer to that – with an aim to make Dubai the ‘happiest city in the world,’ Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid has pursued a revolutionary new vision for the city.

dubai 2021

The initiative aims to turn Dubai into more than just a city of innovation. Smart Dubai is all about revolutionizing how government services are delivered, essentially creating more sustainable, productive and efficient living conditions for this already futuristic region. With more than 100 smart initiatives and 1000 intelligent services by two dozen government departments and private sector partners established in less than three years, Smart Dubai has already recorded a 3% increase in the happiness of its residents.

With the happiness of its people as the driving point and success indicator, the Smart Dubai initiative ambitiously sets out a high standard of impeccable changes and improvements, inevitably preparing Dubai to embrace the future and emerge as a world-leading city by 2021. All this will be a result of outstanding technological advances that benefit the people, the economy and the resources of the city.

How will this all happen? Well with clearly defined areas, Smart Dubai 2021 aims to change and improve the lives of residents, and tourists, with the following 6 strategic objectives:

To build a smart livable and resilient city

When it comes to making a smart city, the Smart Dubai 2021 initiative aims to use ICT solutions
-Information and communication technology- to create resources that boost efficiency and availability of exceptional living opportunities. This means that life in the UAE, for both residents and visitors, will be improved dramatically regarding connectivity and simplifying living.

To host a globally competitive economy using disruptive technologies

When it comes to turning Dubai into the smartest city in the world, the Smart Dubai 2021 vision aims to transform the economy digitally. This also creates a circular economy that encourages the reuse and sharing of resources, while still enabling exciting entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities.

To create a society that’s interconnected with easily accessible social services

This project aims to touch the lives of everyone in the Emirate of Dubai, resident or visitor, through digitizing and simplifying access to and use of services in daily living, essentially making life more comfortable. By improving a person’s quality of life through embracing technology to streamline social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences in the Emirate, Smart Dubai 2021 is moving towards a happier and more technologically advanced city.

To build smooth transport and mobility solutions shared by everyone

Dubai is one of the steadfast cities when it comes to pioneering smart, innovative mobility solutions for a seamless and safe transportation experience. The plan is to enhance the city’s transport by harnessing autonomous transportation technologies for increased productivity, efficiency and reduced traffic congestion. This, in turn, will also boost the use of public and shared transportation means to reduce time spent commuting, helping residents and visitors reach their destinations safer and faster.

To utilize ICT solutions for a cleaner environment

When it comes to ensuring the sustainability and quality of the Emirate’s resources (water, air, energy, and land) for residents and visitors, Smart Dubai 2021 aims to use ICT solutions. All this will take place while digitally transforming utilities, manufacturing, transportation, and waste treatment sectors to reduce the Emirate’s Carbon footprint for a cleaner, healthier and fundamentally happier environment.

To enable a digital, lean and connected government

A good government is one that’s genuinely transparent and easily accessible. And that’s what Smart Dubai 2021 aims to provide: eliminating the need for people to visit and physically interact with the government by providing 100% of the public services through digital channels and targeting full digital adoption. This inevitably leads to a paperless, cashless government, driven by cutting-edge, disruptive technologies. With all this, it means being able to deliver optimized experiences through connecting public services that target residents’ and visitors’ critical needs and significant life events, essentially saving time and simplifying life.

dubai strategic plan 2021

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; Smart Dubai 2021 is more than just a project that aims to improve the lives of the people living and visiting the iconic city – it’s about creating a futuristic city that will be a benchmark to the rest of the world.

For more information, visit https://2021.smartdubai.ae/oversight/ to find out more about this remarkable project.


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