All you need to know about buying used cars in Dubai

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  • The Mitsubishi Pajero is the most sought-after used car in Dubai.
  • Before buying any used car, make sure you take it for a road test.
  • Other than checking its condition, it is critical to ensure that all fines registered to the used car have been paid.

Are you looking for used cars for sale in Dubai? Well, this one’s for you!

Perhaps you want a car but can’t afford to buy it brand new. Or you’re in the city with no long-term plans and aren’t willing to spend a lot on your vehicle. To start with, what is the consensus about buying used cars in Dubai and what used cars do people usually prefer?

You’re thinking it’s important to be careful with your choice, primarily because the car has been previously owned, meaning it isn’t a shiny, “just out of the factory” vehicle. This can be tricky.

First things first, which car should you be looking to buy?

According to, the top 10 best-used cars in Dubai are:

  1. Mitsubishi Pajero – it makes the top of the list as it is the most sold used car in Dubai.
  2. Honda Accord
  3. Nissan Altima
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Toyota Yaris
  6. Toyota Camry
  7. BMW 3 series
  8. Nissan Corolla
  9. Mitsubishi Lancer
  10. Nissan Tiida

As the list suggests, the most popular cars for second-hand use are Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi and that is due to their high quality and ability to withstand through time.

According to Statista, “Toyota sold around 10.4 million vehicles in the fiscal year that ended in March 2018.” Also, “For three years in a row, Toyota has been the largest automaker in the world, based on the calendar year sales figures.”

Where can you look for a used car?

Used cars in Dubai

There are a few places where people usually go to sell their used cars. Meaning, you could find your pre-loved vehicle in one of these places.

The most comfortable choice is to consider going directly to one of Dubai’s second-hand car dealerships in Ras Al Khor or Al Aweer. This used-car marketplace is popular amongst locals and expats looking for their first or second cars.

You can also try one of Dubai’s most popular car-buying companies, by just searching online sites or even your local community Facebook page. Dubizzle or YallaMotor are among the reputable, however, depending on the deal you’re looking for, you may want to compare a few.

So now that you’ve shortlisted the car you would like to buy, and you’re good to go,

What is the process of actually owning it?

According to, before agreeing on buying any car, you must first insist on getting the car road-tested. Check that all engines are up and running and that the driving experience is smooth. At the end of the day, this car has been on the road before, and although it was most probably pre-loved, there might always be a hiccup somewhere. So, it’s only safe to get it checked first.

Other things to consider:

  • The engine
  • The service history
  • The mileage
  • The exterior of the car
  • Whether there is rust

Once all of this is out of the way, make sure that all fines registered to the used car have been paid. You can check through the Dubai Police Website.

Now that all the checks and tests have been made you need to:

Register and insure the car

It is mandatory for both the seller and the buyer to be present at the registration of the car. The quickest and most efficient way to get the registration done is through the RTA local offices. It is a great idea to check their website beforehand to find the required documents for used car registration. New car registrations stand valid for 1 year; therefore, you must renew it annually. Registering the car makes it legal!

We have simplified the process of buying used cars in Dubai. But what if you want to buy it through the auto loan?

The consensus is that banks usually offer loans on new cars. However, the majority of banks today fund used cars as well.

Emirates NDB facilitated loans for buying used cars in Dubai. Aside from its conventional car loans for used vehicles, NBD has introduced Car Ijarah based on the Sharia principles of Islamic law. Also available for used cars, it is a concept where you don’t pay any down payment. All you need is a bank to purchase the car for you and then lease or rent it out to you for a fixed monthly fee for a set period. Once all the payments are over, you can own the car. For used vehicles, the loan can go up to AED 750,000 depending on the bank.

Most banks in the UAE that offer loans for pre-owned cars generally finance up to 80% of the car, although some banks can cover 90% or the entire amount of the vehicle.

For an auto loan for used cars, a valuation certificate issued by an authorized dealer should be provided in most cases.

Another crucial aspect of buying a car, used or not, is insurance. It protects you and the vehicle while on the road. This would also be the final part of the process when all checks, tests, and handovers are made.

Insurance transfer is either discussed with the seller and/or private insurance companies. A comfortable and hassle-free way to acquire insurance for your car is to make use of online insurance platforms. Aqeed has all the tools to help you with the process.

Good luck and happy driving!


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