Fuel saving tips in Dubai

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  • Refilling your gas tank more often than you’d like to can be frustrating.
  • Our fuel saving tips will help you spend less on fuel.
  • Always keep an eye out for discounts and offers on fuel at Dubai’s gas stations.

We all get frustrated with that little tiny flickering orange alarm that goes on in our cars when we are running low on gas. We become anxious and feel the urge to stop at the next gas station only to sit and wait impatiently.

Here’s how you throw that anxiety out the window and save money on fuel while you’re at it!

The most logical answer on how to save money on gas would be: Drive less.

For longer circuits, you might want to use public transportation to help you get there instead of your car and save on gas, but that isn’t the most efficient way to go.

However, there are more useful habits that you can add to your daily driving routine so here are some fuel-saving tips:

Spend less time warming up your car in the morning.

According to Money Crashers, warming up your car for more than a minute will lead you to start wasting fuel and pumping greenhouse gas emission into the air. You’re not only wasting gas, but you would also be adding to air pollution.

The newer your car is, the less time you need to warm it up. We all hate that wait in the morning anyway.

Try not to brake excessively as that causes fuel waste and wears out your braking pads.

Monitor your speed and distance yourself from the car in front of you. Fewer brakes, less fuel waste! A motto to live by and a great car fuel saver.

Remove any excess masses from the car (Bicycle, luggage rack on the roof, etc.) to make your vehicle more aerodynamic.

By doing so, you are taking away the extra heaviness that makes your car drag and waste fuel.

According to Gulf News, the fuel economy is not too steady.

The per-liter prices are:

  • Super 98 at AED 2.63 (from AED 2.49 in May and AED 2.33 in April)
  • Special 95 at AED 2.51 (from AED 2.37 in May and AED 2.22 in April)
  • E-plus 91 has been fixed at a price of AED 2.44 (up from AED2.30 in May and 2.14 in April)

Now wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise to have discounts and offers on fuel at the gas station?

ENOC, Emirates National Oil Company, launches discounts and prizes on fuel every once in a while. So, go to your nearest ENOC gas station and ask for any offers. And guess what? You don’t need cash or even a credit card to fuel your car at ENOC. Just download the Dubai Now app and refuel your car with a click.

Looking for something permanent? Visit gsstations.ae and register for Fazaa/Promotion Card to get exclusive discounts. That’s the real deal right there.

Emarat also has occasional cool offers so make sure you ask about them at your nearest Emarat station. You increase your chances of benefits at any Emarat’s station by registering to their Smart Card here: https://cards.emarat.ae/

On this link below, you can find all the cards that offer fuel benefits in Dubai: https://www.bankbazaar.ae/credit-card/fuel-credit-cards.html.

There are many ways to save money on gas in Dubai. Just make sure you drive safe, at low speed and keep your eyes not only on the road but also on the offers at your nearest gas station!


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