Transfer your car ownership and registration in the UAE like a pro

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  • Transferring car ownership and registration is relatively a straightforward process if you have everything in order.
  • From knowing what documents to have, to make sure your fines are cleared, there are 5 easy things to remember.
  • Every Emirate differs, but the processes are more or less the same, so it’s merely a matter of doing the correct research.

Transferring ownership and registration in the UAE is quick, easy and straightforward if you know what you need and what to do.

To clarify, transferring ownership and registration does not necessarily mean selling your car – it merely implies that the car would be in the name of the new owner. This could easily be between a husband and wife, a parent to child, etc. This step is essential in the buying and selling process (to be discussed in a later article).

Step 1: Make sure your Salik bills and fines are paid

Before transferring ownership or the registration of your car, you need to make sure that your bills and fines are paid. If not, the processing of your request may take so much longer and become a lot more tedious than it needs to be.

The best part about being in the UAE is the fact that you can pay these bills in a variety of quick and easy ways.

Step 2: Get everything you need from the bank

Banks are generally very efficient when it comes to transferring ownership or registrations. So, if the previous owner has financed the car, or chooses to move the loan across to the new owner, all they need is a No-objection Certificate (NOC) or a release letter to begin the process. If one is transferring ownership to another person, but still paying for the car, this is step may not be necessary.

Step 3: Test the car

Obtaining a pass report is more straightforward than one would expect – once your car is tested initially, you will get one, but if a new one is required, you can pay a small fee to get one. At this point, you also need to remember to remove the number plates for your car, as the new owner will receive another one that’s registered to them.

Step 4: Find all the documents

The easiest way to avoid the inconvenience of traveling from one place to another is to make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready and with you. Make sure you have copies of everything, in case some sites require it.

The documents you will need to transfer car ownership, and registration are:

  • Identification documents (for both owners, old and new): Original passport and copies, Emirates IDs, Enrolment IDs and Driver’s licenses.
  • New car insurance contract (of the new owner).
  • The registration card (more commonly known as a Mulkiya).

Step 5: Get your new registration

For about AED 400, the new registration will be ready and valid, with a new set of number plates and a Mulkiya card.

A few things to consider…

Transfer car ownership UAE

If the new and old owners are from two different Emirates, the procedure might differ in a few ways, because there are two traffic systems in the UAE; The Federal System and the Independent System.

Also, when transferring ownership from one Emirate to another, you need to deregister the car in the original city, mark it as ‘for export,’ and then reregister it in the new town as another car. When doing so, make sure that your insurance policy (new or existing) is up-to-date and covers the vehicle being registered (if you are the buyer). If you purchased your car insurance on Aqeed, you can check this option on your personalized dashboard.

Lastly, if a car is being transported from one emirate to another, it needs to have the new (or old) plates. Dubai laws state that drivers are not allowed to drive without plates. Alternatively, you can get a flatbed truck to transport the car to its destination, safely and without the risk of any traffic violations or fines.

So, next time you’re transferring the ownership or registration of your car, follow the above steps for a smooth, hassle-free process.


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