A basic guide to making a car insurance claim in the UAE

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  • Making a claim is easy if the right procedure is followed.
  • Insurance companies are often professional, and always want what’s best for you, so making sure you inform them of the accident immediately is imperative.
  • If there are no injuries, reporting the accident can be done through mobile apps, relevant to your emirate.
  • Always be upfront and honest about the accident, to avoid future implications.

Let’s face it; having to make a car insurance claim isn’t exactly the best­­ feeling in the world, especially if it’s your first. But with a few simple steps and tips, it can turn out to be one of the easiest processes you’ll have to face.

So, you’ve had an accident; whether it’s your fault or the fault of another, the first thing to do is remain calm. Accidents happen and can happen to anyone, so the best thing is to make sure you and your passengers are ok.

Filing a car insurance claim in the UAE

Step 1: Getting the police report

Firstly, if you’re in an accident, you need to assess the damages on your car and if anyone is hurt, you need to call the police. In Dubai, there is a Dubai Police mobile app which makes it simple and easy to file a police report.

Police reports are mandatory for making an insurance claim, no matter how big or small the damage is to either party. Once the police report is created, it’ll either be sent to your phone via text message or given to you by the police for more serious accidents. A police report will be required by both the police and insurance companies, as it covers the details of the accident, as well as the relevant information of both drivers (or one).

Step 2: Inform your insurer

Whether you need/want to make a claim or not, informing your insurance company about your accident is of utmost importance.
They’ll ask for your police report (which can be sent via email), and generally the policy number, which can be found on your car registration card.
Depending on your policy, your insurance company will tell you the steps you need to take. And usually, your insurer will ask you to take (or transport) your car to the nearest, approved, service center. From there, they’ll take care of the rest.

It’s best to know what your policy covers and what you’re entitled to so that you don’t end up paying more than you should.
Don’t sign any forms or paperwork you aren’t sure about (e.g. paperwork regarding the other driver or vehicle). Always clarify each and every point of coverage, so that you’re not stuck with a huge bill at the end of the day.

There is no need for you to be in contact with the other driver after the police report is issued – both parties should have insurance and the insurers will be in contact regarding any claims made.

Step 3: Paying your excess

When initially signing a policy, your insurance company will have you agree to a standard excess fee that needs to be paid, in the event that the accident is your fault. This will happen when you collect your car, at the dealership.

A few things to remember when making a claim:

  • Always report the accident as soon as it happens; try not to move the vehicles away from the scene as it may cause more damage.
  • Don’t make assumptions – wait for the police to make the final call, providing them with as much information as possible. If you’re using the Dubai Police app, take as many pictures as you can, as proof.
  • Stay calm and talk to the other driver in a soft manner. This will make the process that much smoother and avoid any unnecessary conflict.
  • Don’t accept the first settlement from your insurance company, as they will try to pay the least they can. If you are sure that your claim is worth a lot more, and you are clear on your policy, you can negotiate a better settlement.
  • Don’t delay approaching the insurance company, as it could have a negative impact on your claim.
  • Always keep any documents, pictures or proof of the accident, for future reference.

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