Understanding home contents insurance in the UAE

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  • Home insurance and personal possessions coverage are not compulsory in the UAE but are also valuable.
  • When choosing coverage, it’s important to understand what’s being insured and how to get the right policy.
  • Using comparison sites such as aqeed.com will allow you to compare prices, while also recognizing the importance of protecting your home and its belongings.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about insurance is motor, life, and possible business coverage – but have you ever thought about insuring your home and its valuables?

Better safe than sorry

Home insurance is becoming more and more popular in the UAE, given the recent events of accidental fires within residential towers. People are concerned about their belongings, from everyday assets to irreplaceable family heirlooms, and protecting these goods is now more of a priority than ever.

A simple understanding of home insurance and personal belongings covers

The type of insurance you choose depends on whether you’re a renter or an owner of the property. Being a tenant means you would need a home contents policy as well as personal possessions one. The difference?

Home contents insurance covers anything that remains in your home, including appliances, furniture and sometimes fine art and collectibles.

Personal possessions coverage insures smaller goods that are inside your house but could also be taken outside of the home. Examples would be mobile phones, jewelry, and other electronics. This insurance protects and covers the loss of your goods caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and flooding.

Home contents and personal possessions insurance are typically sold to renters, making it the landlord’s responsibility to have comprehensive building insurance.

What is Building insurance?

Building insurance is the landlord’s responsibility, and it covers the structure of your home in the case of an unforeseen accident, lost rent, lock replacement and injury to anyone living in the house (including renters). This type of insurance depends on the kind of property; if you own an apartment in a tower, you can get policies that are specific to your unit, while the holding company’s insurance will cover the building itself.

Coverage and pricing

Home insurance, unlike motor insurance, can work in a variety of ways. For instance, when budgeting for a policy, you need to consider the value of what’s being covered.

Annual insurance premiums for home contents and personal possessions are approximately around 0.5% of the total coverage value, so knowing the value of your belongings is imperative. If your home contents are valued at AED 100,000, then your yearly premium would be 0.5% of AED 100,000 meaning AED 500. The policy’s price changes depending on the number of valuables hence total value you would like to cover.

Exclusions and limitations

Home contents insurance UAE

When buying home insurance, don’t immediately assume that everything in your house is covered by default. Specific policies will have exclusions and restrictions; items such as jewelry and art pieces are included only if you have the personal belonging cover in your plan. Personal possessions coverage is an option to consider over and above standard home insurance.

A life lesson to take home

Since home insurance is not compulsory in the UAE, residents don’t prioritize it and fail to remember that in any case of mishaps, we would be waving goodbye to much more than simple contents. Indeed, we would be giving up on sometimes carefully chosen items linked to beautifully crafted memories.

One of the misconceptions is that it’s expensive and hard to attain. But today comparison sites such as aqeed.com bring all home insurance companies into one place and let you compare and purchase quotes that suit your house and budget best.


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