Smart car plates, welcome to Dubai!

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  • Dubai’s latest technological addition, smart number plates, comes with numerous advantages.
  • Trials started in May.
  • Smart plates are useful to track a driver’s conduct and to send out automatic alerts in case of an emergency.
  • The cost of owning a digital plate is yet to be disclosed.

Something brand new is about to land in Dubai: Smart Number Car Plates.
What are they? When are they coming? And what are their advantages? Well, let’s say, it will do everything for you in case of an accident but not only that!

The smart plate trials started in May, where vehicles are fitted with intelligent plates with digital screens, GPS and transmitters.
These digital plates will immediately inform the ambulance and police in case of an accident. They will enable real-time communication with other vehicles and the Traffic Monitoring Center.

The CEO Of RTA’s Licensing Agency, Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali explained to Gulf News that the digital plates “ are centrally controlled. It will be possible to change the numbers and designs of plates and display the expiry of the insurance and licensing dates registered at the RTA, without changing the plates.”
The CEO added: “It will also be possible to identify and register the travel time of the driver and details of the heavy vehicle and eliminate the chances of stealing the plates or vehicles. Images and signs can be displayed on the plate to specify the type of the driver — new or under training.”

Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali assured: “This feature will help us study road behavior of a driver, track the vehicle’s movement as well as helping the driver to conduct a seamless transaction with different authorities. Also, among the benefits is that the system will send out automatic alerts to authorities concerned in case of an emergency.”

Trials will continue until the end of 2018 (around November) to inspect all glitches and ensure that the system functions correctly.

The cost of the digital license plate is not yet defined and will only be set at the end of the trials after all the studies and research are done.

Once again, Dubai thrives in the world of technology. Heads up for the city for being the first in the world to adopt this intelligent solution.


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