Why you should switch to buying your car insurance online

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  • So much of our lives are conducted online, most of which makes things more efficient, so we can spend time doing the things we enjoy most.
  • Why should buying or renewing your car insurance be any different.
  • Purchasing offline car insurance can betime-consuming, energy draining and expensive.
  • Buying your car insurance online has a range of benefits you won’t want to miss, including choice, speed, reliability and price.

Modern society is a fast-paced world

Innovations in communications, technology, and culture have transformed the way we live our lives. From grocery shopping and online car insurance buying to chatting with family, there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished with a computer and internet access.

It has even changed the way we work, as more and more people can choose flexible options and remote working scenarios to conquer a good work/life balance.

This evolution in the way we operate is ultimately designed to make our lives better. It aims to make everyday task smoother, communication faster and procurement of items more efficient, so that we can, somewhat ironically, step away from the technology and spend time on more important things, like being with family and friends.

Life is for the living, or so the saying goes, and so many aspects that allow you to live your life to the fullest are beneficial to your happiness.

That is one of the driving forces behind our desire to create simple, fast avenues for you to get the necessary insurance you need without taking up your valuable time. One of the key ways in which we can help you make your life more efficient is with online car insurance; you won’t believe how life-changing it could be!

Why offline insurance is a waste of time

When you find yourself arguing with friends over a fact, like what year Beyoncé left Destiny’s Child, for instance, you don’t leave the table and head to a library to look it up in an encyclopedia, do you?

Well, why would you subject yourself to the time-consuming process of buying your car insurance offline? Not only does this tireless task cost you time and energy, but it will undoubtedly cost you money as well. Offline insurance providers have far higher operating costs which mean their prices are higher as well. They also tend only to offer one or two options and won’t be able to offer a range of policies that suit your specific requirements.

So why is so much better to buy car insurance online?

There are so many benefits to sourcing your car insurance online.
Even for those of us, most likely the slightly older ones, who might find speaking to someone face-to-face more comforting, will be more than pleasantly surprised. The reality is that the trustworthiness that used to come with human interaction is no longer missing from the online service world. Every question or query you have can be answered, and an expert is always on hand to talk you through the process as much as you might need. Here are just some of the key reasons you should switch to buying car insurance online:

The choice

The ability to quickly see and compare car insurance quotes online is invaluable when it comes to choosing the right option for your needs. With online car insurance, you can browse a wide selection of options from third-party to comprehensive and compare the best quotes from the top insurers without having to spend hours on the phone.

Traditional brokers also only can offer you 3 to 5 quotes, but with online car insurance, you can often compare more than 15.

Best of all, it is quick and easy and free for the online insurer to absorb your bespoke requirements and tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.

The speed

Most of us understand how much more practical certain tasks can be done when performed online, but we aren’t always aware of which ones are available to us. Buying car insurance online is now so efficient and easy, you can access quotes in less than two minutes. As an essential cost of owning a car, purchasing or renewing car insurance tends to fall into our ‘annoying errands to-do list,’ especially when traditional brokers mean getting a quote can take hours or days.
By handling your car insurance online, it becomes such a quick procedure; you won’t believe you used to do it another way.

The transparency

When it comes to protecting your car and your family, you want to make sure that:

  • You have made the right decision
  • That every query you have has been answered
  • That you can trust your provider.

The transparency of buying your car insurance online is unrivaled. You have immediate and consistent access to pricing breakdowns, benefits, reviews and all of the small print. With online car insurance, you also have access to experts every single day of the week. They can help you with questions, advise you on the information and documentation you will need and talk you through the process step-by-step if you need it.

You can also choose to handle everything entirely online, confident in the knowledge that the procedure, from quote to purchase, has been curated to give you the most efficient experience and the best result.

Online car insurance also offers access to the top insurers in the market, so you can independently evaluate car insurance quotes online to find the one that you like the best, without compromising on quality.

The price

This breaks down into two simple elements; the comparison cost reduction and lower bespoke prices.
Mostly, online car insurance sites work with multiple insurance providers to offer a comparison of options for their customers. This competition results in better prices being offered, which are directly passed on to you, the consumer.

But it also means that these providers can offer the lowest prices for more bespoke requirements. You can input your specific needs or individual documents and receive a range of relevant car insurance quotes, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget.

All in all, the opportunity to save money on your car insurance is invaluable to all of us who want to make sure we are managing our budgets in the most efficient way. At Aqeed, we even offer the best price guarantee so if you find the same insurance at a better rate; we will refund you the difference. So you know you will always get the best car insurance at the best possible price.


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