Inside motorbike insurance in the UAE

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  • In the UAE motorbike users and owners must have third-party insurance as a minimum requirement.
  • There are two main options for motorbike insurance – comprehensive and third-party.
  • Third party is more budget-friendly, but comprehensive gives you full coverage.
  • Motorbike insurance quotes will be based on how the insurance providers measure the risk, including the age of the vehicle as well as the age and history of the driver.
  • There are unique attributes regarding motorbike insurance in the UAE that are worth remembering when comparing policies.

Just like some other internationally recognised metropolitan areas, Dubai has the two major factors that appeal to prospective motorbike riders; traffic and outlying open spaces.  Who among us, having found themselves stuck on Sheikh Zayed Road in rush hour, hasn’t mused on the usefulness of a speedy motorbike to get home so much quicker? Not to mention the benefits of skipping around blocked paths, the surrounding desert and mountains make for quite the petrol-head destination and one that sees motorbike enthusiasts travelling the world to frequent.  That draw, coupled with the inextricable link between deliveries and motorbikes, has left the number of motorbike users in Dubai and the UAE to skyrocket in recent years.  If you are one of those who understand the unbridled freedom of being at one with your bike and need to make sure you do it properly, we have some expert advice on your essential motorbike insurance needs.

First, the legal aspect of motorbike insurance

The most important thing for any resident to ascertain before getting a motorbike is what the law says.  According to the Dubai Government, everyone owning or driving a motorbike must have at least third party insurance coverage. In fact, the UAE, in general, is becoming more and more involved in setting regulations and requirements for motorbike drivers, especially given that in 2016 they were involved in 824 traffic offenses and 786 bikes were seized

There are new requirements on technical specifications and the upkeep required of bikes. These rules and obligations will not only make roads safer for motorbike users but help you protect yourself financially if you are involved in an accident. The RTA has even introduced a comprehensive handbook to promote safer driving of motorcycles.

What are the different types of motorbike insurance in the UAE?

So now that you know you must have motorbike insurance by law, which type should you get? 

There are two key choices for bike insurance in the UAE, third party and comprehensive.  To help you work out which is best for you, we can explore the difference between comprehensive and third party bike insurance

Third party motorbike insurance is the minimum level of insurance required by law and it will only cover the cost of any damage or injury incurred by the third party in the accident, not the damage to your own motorbike or injury to yourself. 

Comprehensive motorbike insurance offers a more complete coverage solution.  In the case of accidents, both the third party costs and your own are covered, no matter who was at fault.  This is the highest level of insurance you can secure for your motorbike.  It will ensure you are protected against injury, damage, burglary, third party liability and force majeure. 

The Pros and Cons:

Third party motorbike insurance
  • Budget friendly option.
  • Meets legal requirements of the UAE.
  • Protects you from incurring third party costs in the event of an accident.
  • Doesn’t cover your own costs, including vehicle damage and injury.
Comprehensive motorbike insurance
  • Full, 360-degree coverage for you, your vehicle and any other party involved.
  • Breakdown recovery and ambulance services.
  • Own-fault coverage availability.
  • Additional coverage for theft and malicious acts, as well as unforeseen circumstances.
  • Higher premiums for more extensive coverage.

If you are running a company that utilises a large number of motorbikes, you can also obtain Fleet Bike insurance or Multi-bike insurance.  Designed specifically for those managing courier or delivery services, this allows you to cover all of your motorbikes under a single policy which offers greater flexibility, as well as less stress and valuable savings. 

How do I choose which motorbike insurance quote is right for me?

There are so many motorbike insurance companies to choose from, which is why it is so useful to work with a company who can help you easily compare your options and give you expert advice on which one is most appropriate for your needs.  But it is also very useful to understand how those motorbike insurance companies approach motorbike insurance quotes and what factors will impact the potential range of policies you might be offered.  

Essentially for the motorbike insurance companies, it comes down to assessing risk.  When you receive a motorbike insurance quote it will have taken into account a variety of factors that could impact your premiums.  They are:

  • Your age and driving experience. Older drivers are considered to have more experience when it comes to driving and will, therefore, be measured as lower risk in terms of insurance.  Younger drivers will always face higher premiums.
  • The age of the vehicle.  The older the vehicle is, the more likely it is to incur a higher premium.  For motorbike insurance in the UAE, models over five years old are considered higher risk. 
  • Your claims history. As with any type of motor insurance, the fewer claims you have made will work in your favor when it comes to premiums.  Those drivers who have been in less accidents and therefore made fewer claims will be considered lower risk. 
  • The type of vehicle.  You might think that the difference between a Vespa and a Harley Davidson would have a big impact on the level of insurance, but that isn’t always the case.  In reality, this aspect is only relevant in relation to the driver, their history and the quality of the vehicle.  A young driver on an older model Vespa could quite easily face a higher premium than an older driver on a brand-new sports motorbike. 

In general, when it comes to motorbike insurance quotes there is always a minimum premium from which all policies will start, for motorbike insurance this is AED 850 per vehicle. 

In addition, the maximum premium that could be applied to your policy is 5% of the value of the motorbike.  Also, the UAE motorbike insurance companies all offer a unique factor in their motorbike insurance; a 13 month policy.  Your card is issued for 12 months, but the policy is active for 13 months; this helpful aspect is intended to assist with those of us who might not always be as quick as we need to be with our renewal. 

If you are in need of motorbike insurance or are looking to renew your current policy, the most important factor is that you find the right deal for you.  By being able to compare and contrast policies, based on your bespoke requirements, you can ensure that you can secure the best fit.  At Aqeed, our experts are also on hand to answer any of your questions and give you step-by-step instruction on how to provide the right information and get the results you need, in the quickest time possible, and at the best possible price. 


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