A Transformative Digital Insurance Distribution Platform

Aqeed Sales is a plug-and-play digital insurance platform for agents and brokers, that allows you to sell insurance online in minutes


Give your Insurance Broker a Simple Digital Transformation

A B2B2C e-commerce digital platform that gives you online presence in the insurance industry. Move away from traditional insurance, grow your business, reach more customers, and enhance your customer experience

A pre-built e-commerce module that allows your customers to compare and buy online
  • Direct-to-consumer template so your customers can buy insurance online directly from your website. No more "fill out the form"
  • A multi-channel insurance distribution tool for your agents so they can quote car, home, medical, travel, life insurance and more. The digital channel allows them to price, and sell insurance instantly to their prospects
  • Defined customer journey with an instant quoting engine and extended features, to maximize your agents and call center's day to day productivity and exceed your customer's expectations
A dynamic digital insurance marketplace optimized for conversions
  • Use our pre-configured insurance products from UAE's top insurance companies or upload your own insurance schemes
  • Seamless integration with any insurance companies in UAE
  • Configure cross-selling promotions
Powerful billing integration with the top payment gateway providers
  • Integrates with most regional payment service providers to support debit and credit cards
  • Go beyond credit cards and utilize our cash collection partners. Customer service on point

Why Choose Aqeed Sales

Plug & Play

100% cloud - technology. No installation needed

Fast Time-to-Market

A configurable solution that helps you go online in minutes, with no development cost

Exceptional User Experience

A customer-centric experience optimized for better engagement, retention, and loyalty

Iron-clad Security

Deployable modules so that your customers and agents can self-service

White label

Customizable fonts, colors, and logos

Insurer Integration

Leverage our existing panel of insurance companies or add your own suite of partners

Your Pain Points and How Aqeed Sales Solves Them

If you are an insurance broker who has the following pain points:

You want to sell insurance online to your customers instantly, but don't have the budget to create your own insurance comparison tool
You have the budget to create your own comparison tool, but you don't have the technology and product expertise to constantly innovate
You are losing customers because It takes you more than an hour to send real-time quotes to your customers by email
You are losing customers because It takes your back-office team more than 3 hours from sending a quotation to your customer to closing the sale and processing a policy
You are not able to compete with other insurance aggregators because they are cheaper, faster, and up-to-date in the digital world
Your sales agents don't have the right sales tool to manage their customer funnel, and close deals instantly
Aqeed Sales helps you increase your sales by 78%, reduce your quoting time by 340% and cut down your back-office processing cost by 23%
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